Brace yourself, because this could come as a crushing blow to many of you, but Valve has announced that Steam is now region-locked in many territories, with immediate effect. The move has taken place in order to stamp out the low currency value exploits available on Steam, where users were purchasing games from countries such as Brazil and Russia in order to pick it up for a fraction of the price.

Ultimately it was the developers and publishers that were losing out when it came to said exploits, but clearly Steam users can’t be blamed for seeking out the cheapest deals. The number of territories the region-locking is said to affect is still undetermined, but it appears as if Russia and its neighbouring countries, Indonesia, and Brazil have all been affected.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 creator Tomáš Duda noticed it last night, tweeting out a warning to fellow developers.

It's unclear at the moment just what impact this region-locking is going to have on end users. Presumably will still allow Steam users to play all of their games no matter what territory they are in, restricting only the country where it is bought. If US users travel to Brazil for example, it's a little hazy as to what this would mean in terms of accessing their games or buying from the Steam store. 

Does region-locking have you worried about the future surprises in store for Steam? Or will the changes not affect you? Let us know what your thoughts are below!