Nestled snugly under the news of Telltale’s Episodic Minecraft: Story Mode is the pre-release of update 1.8.2 for Everybody’s favourite sandbox crafter from Mojang. The update improves performance in a number of areas, but has a special interest in taking explosions up a Notch (I’m not sorry).

Whether you find your TNT in desert temple traps or you grow your own back at the small moon-sized palace you’ve developed at base camp, it’s been twiddled with thanks to the latest update . The blast radius of explosives was directionally biased, as of the ten-month effort Update 1.8 - the Bountiful Update, but it’s now been switched back to how they were before.

A quirk with explosion physics that had been allowing the range of some TNT cannons to get so huge that Elite: Dangerous players were beginning to organise a counter-attack has also been tweaked, as well as numerous other performance improvements. Hostile mobs have also now been prevented from following players in spectator mode.

‘Searge’ from Mojang, occasionally known as Michael Stoyke, noted that the update also includes “cookies, milk and of course lots of hugs”, before reminding us: “Don’t open your gifts until Christmas!” The whole Minecraft team and Mojang staff also expressed their holiday and new year tidings to all Minecraft fans who’ll be enjoying the explosion updates, notably making no distinction between naughty and nice.

Update 1.8.2 can be fetched from the Minecraft launcher by creating a new profile named ‘pre-releases’ and checking the experimental snapshots box. Good hunting! And of course, controlled, creative destruction too.