Those kooky trailblazers of physics-focused gameplay at Bossa Studios have announced the next project up their sleeves: a physics-based (of course) multiplayer adventure aboard great wooden airships, called Worlds Adrift.

Physics has always been important to the studio behind Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread, and will return in Worlds Adrift, but what sets the Worlds Adrift concept apart is multiplayer gameplay. The concept isn’t finished though, and Bossa Studios is looking for feedback.

Its new video showcases a world rendered in placeholder art where players can ninja-rope from place to place and construct hulking sky skips that occasionally crash into each other, to also move around in and ninja-rope about on. The studio is excited about the possibilities of multiplayer open-world application of their trademark focus on physics, saying “No two game sessions are alike, because a lot of weird and interesting stuff can happen, so gameplay possibilities abound”.

Gamer-In-Chief Henrique Oliviers implores Bossa fans to let the studio know their thoughts about the new concept, and even whether they think it’s worth continuing to work on, as though the studio is crowdsourcing opinions before even funding. It’s a big ask on so little information, but if you’ve got some thoughts for Bossa, the place to let them know is The Worlds Adrift website.

As usual we’d like to know what you think as well; who else could revolutionise open-world multiplayer gameplay like the studio behind such oddballs as I Am Bread? How much will innovative takes on Physics improve or change the gameplay in the existing MMO formulas? Should they keep working on Worlds Adrift?