Reports are coming out that Microsoft is creating an all-new browser for Windows 10, shelving Internet Explorer and all of the negative connotations that it has garnered so far. The new minimalist web browser is set to follow in the footsteps of Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome in being much more lightweight, as well as supporting browser extensions.

The new browser, which has been codename ‘Spartan, will be bundled with Windows 10 as the default browser, but will also be accompanied by Internet Explorer 11 in order to ensure backwards compatibility for older websites and web apps.

The move to the Windows 10 naming was seen as Microsoft trying to put a sizeable gap between itself and the relative failure that was Windows 8, and the dropping of the Internet Explorer brand would certainly be a strong indicator of this.

According to the rumours circulating, the Spartan browser will once again use Microsoft’s Chakra Javascript engine and Trident rendering engine, but will now be housed in a lightweight package that should allow it to go shoulder to shoulder with the giants that are Firefox and Chrome. Early reports suggest Spartan will be supported on both desktop and mobile devices.

It’s not often we get a big shake-up when it comes to browser usage, would the outlined improvements coming to Microsoft’s new browser be enough for you to give it a chance? Or are you too firmly entrenched in your current browser usage to warrant trying Microsoft’s latest attempt?