Our excitement here at GD for GTAV is practically blowing off the roof. Tonnes of us in our splendid GD community are eagerly anticipating Rockstar's masterpiece coming to the platform it deserves, with gloriously updated graphics, higher resolutions and some incredible mod support.

Grand Theft Auto V launch is creeping ever closer, and with it the GTA V PC system requirements reveal is also just around the corner, we thought what better way to get us all involved with Michael, Franklin and Trevor's antics than a good old-fashioned GTA V game giveaway. Yep, you heard that right. I am giving away a free PC copy of Grand Theft Auto V, so one lucky GD'er will get one of the greatest games in years for a princely sum of NOTHING. In fact, it will probably actually feel like a grand theft. Yeah I went there.

To keep it simple we're running our classic Tweet competition, where all you've got to do is click the Tweet button below to enter, but to add some fun to it you also need to have a stab at predicting GTA V system requirements by guessing the recommended system requirements for Grand Theft Auto V. If you want to be cruising down Vespucci Beach capping fools with a railgun then all you need to do is enter the competition below for a chance to win a copy of GTA 5.

HOW DO I ENTER GTA 5 Free PC Game Twitter Giveaway?

  • To be in with a chance to win the PC copy of GTA V, simply click the "Tweet" button below and fill in the Google Form to enter.
  • The Google Form below asks you to guess the recommended system requirements.
  • All correct answers for the GTA 5 system requirements predictions will go into a draw, with one receiving a game code for GTA 5 when it launches on January 27th.
    The system requirements prediction competition will finish the instant GTA V's system requirements become public, and the winner will be notified shortly after.
  • The winning entry will be given the key on Game Debate, so if you win you will need to register/login on GD to claim your prize. We will private message the winner, via Twitter, with further instructions!


  • Only one tweet per person will be submitted into the "GD GTA 5 Guess The Specs Free Game Draw" at the end.
  • You do not need to be a GD Member to submit a tweet and enter, but you will need to create an account here on Game-Debate in order to receive your code, if you are the winner.
  • You will need to follow us on Twitter, so we can message you.
  • If Rockstar do not release recommended requirements for GTA V, all entries will go into a randomised draw ahead of its launch. This is at my discretion



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Ok, so that should be pretty fun right? I dont even know how much GTA V is going to cost, so I am hoping its not too expensive. I kept the form answers broad because I didnt fancy building the form with every possible hardware option. Besides this way it makes it a little easier for people to guess the right GTA V sys specs. You can also chat about it below in the comments section, if you fancy explaining your choices to your fellow GD buddies. I am certainly interested to hear your thoughts. I will compile the results at the close of the competition and share them with everyone here on GD. Good luck you incredible lot.


WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: The lucky winner is CarlosSmerthIng. I will also be doing a round up of the results you all sent in AND AND AND I am going to set up another GTA 5 Free Game giveaway in the near future, so keep your eyes on GD over the coming days.