Valve has announced the data for its next International DOTA 2 Championships. The 2015 International’s will take place from Monday, August 3rd, and will run for six days. 16 teams will be taking part in what has become one of the biggest eSports events in the world, battling away for a multimillion dollar prize pot.

Last year $11 million was up for grabs, with matches even being covered on sports channel ESPN2. Things are likely to get even crazier this year, and Valve has spilled the beans on the tournament dates to give ample time for fans and combatants to get ready for the grand event.

Last year saw the winning team NewBee walking away with a $5 million jackpot, beating off fellow finalists Vici Gaming in some closely-fought encounters. NewBee had originally got off to a bad start in the build up to the final, barely scraping through the playoffs and having to climb all the way back to the top.

Details for this years event are fairly thin on the ground, but team invitations should start rolling out in May, and if you’re interested in attending the event in Seattle then it might be worth keeping an eye on the official DOTA 2 blog for ticketing announcements.

Will you be tuning in to this year’s event or is eSports not your cup of tea?