Dystopian Cyberpunk Thriller Technobabylon Coming From Wadjet Eye In Spring

Written by Neil Soutter on Sat, Jan 10, 2015 10:00 AM
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Wadjet Eye is clearly like the Willy Wonka of indie developers. No one sees anyone go in or out, but Wadjet Eye has got its legions of Oompah Loompah indie studios trotting out delicious chocolatey adventure game goodness with alarming regularity. Erm, that’s where the analogy breaks down.

It’s not been too long since Grundislav’s estate agent caper A Golden Wake, but now indie startup Technocrat Games is working on the promising looking dystopian sci-fi adventure series Technobabylon. Set in a Deus Ex-esque future where being genetic engineering is the wondrous equivalent of tucking into your morning porridge, an omnipresent AI call Central powers he city, subjugating the masses with something called “Trance”, which replaces nearly all human interaction.

Technobabylon is set in the extremely cyberpunk year of 2087, and there are three protagonists on the run from the AI and its elite police force. The first of these is revealed in the short video below; he’s Dr. Charlie Regis, an agent of the CEL police force and geneticist who is forced to go on the run after confronting the tragedies of his past.

Wadjet Eye Games is looking to launch Technobabylon in Spring of this year, where it will collate together all eight episodes of the originally planned freeware games, packaged up with some new voice acting, gameplay, and graphics. 

Ready for some cyberpunk thrills? Loving the adventure game revolution? Let us know!

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