Minecraft now reaches nearly one million users concurrently, making it the second most played game on PC behind League of Legends. We’d always presumed that DOTA 2 would be the concurrent player king behind LoL, but a recent tweet from Mojang’s Nathan Adams reveals that on January 9th there were 998,000 playing Minecraft on PC during off-peak hours.

It’s a staggering figure considering this number doesn’t even include the console and mobile players, ably demonstrating Minecraft’s unending appeal nearly six full years after its initial launch. When you think of the popularity of DOTA 2 it’s an impressive victory for Minecraft, not least because it’s a fully paid-for product unlike the free-to-play DOTA 2.

Number released last summer confirmed that Minecraft had shifted a staggering 54 million copies, a figure which is likely to be much higher by now. It was the second most searched for thing on YouTube last year, and it was also the subject of a $2.5billion buyout from Microsoft, who have remained eerily quiet as to what its plans for the franchise is just yet, other than the bizarre spin-off from Telltale. 

It's an episodic adventure series for Minecraft dubbed Minecraft: Story Mode. It's a pretty strange decision, and the total antithesis of Minecraft's sandbox nature, but they are creating a "Minecrafty" original story that's driven by player choice. It'll certainly be interesting to see how that one plays out but one things for sure - it'll sell like gangbusters.

Finally, Mojang has announced a name-changing feature is being implement on 4th February, when players will be able to change to any available name, with the option to change once every 30 days. Finally players can give up wandering around as buttspank87 and grant themselves as least a modicum of decorum.

Are you one of the million still plugging away at Minecraft? What do you think accounts for its seemingly unending popularity? Let us know!