Telltale Games Working On An Original IP Alongside The Four Current Series

Written by Stuart Thomas on Tue, Jan 13, 2015 2:00 PM
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Telltale Games has revealed that it’s working on a brand new IP, one of the few times in the American indie developer’s storied history that it hasn’t worked with an established franchise. Over the years Telltale has pulled off episodic video game adaptations of Back to the Future, Borderlands, The Walking Dead, Fables, Jurassic Park, and even Game of Thrones, but rarely has its attention turned to creating a whole new universe.

The news comes amid Telltale Games appointing a new CEO in the shape of president and co-founder, Kevin Bruner. He’s replacing Dan Connors, who has moved aside to become an executive advisor.

Each year since Telltale’s 2004 birth has been more exciting than the last, and 2015 will be no exception,” said Bruner.

Our top priority is to continue fostering an environment where the most talented and creative storytellers in the industry are working side by side with the world's biggest creative partners,” he continued. “We’re already working on some of the biggest franchises in entertainment, and when you add our unannounced partnerships and upcoming original IP, it’s clear the most exciting time to be at Telltale is now, and there will continue to be more and more opportunity to innovate ahead of us.

At the moment Telltale appears to have its hands pretty full, working on Tales from the Borderlands, Game of Thrones, Minecraft: Story Mode, a third season of The Walking Dead, and finally this unknown original IP.

How do you hope Telltale capitalises on not being tied down to an established franchise? Is episodic delivery in danger of becoming fatigued with so many titles hitting? What do you reckon?

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14:12 Jan-13-2015

what about the wolf among us??
that was totally original, all it drew from were the famous fables that inspired the series.

14:29 Jan-13-2015

Sorry bud, but it was a comic well before Telltale adapted it into the game.

So far though, I've loved everything they've done, even BttF and Jurassic Park, so I'm looking forward to whatever these master story tellers bring us next :)


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