We’ve come a long way since the ENIAC PC was invented by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly at the University of Pennsylvania. The world’s first digital computer, the ENIAC, took three years to build, occupied 1,800 square feet, weighed 50 tons, and used 18,000 vacuum tubes. With a clock speed of 100 kHz and just 200 bytes of memory, the ENIAC is now out-powered hundreds of thousands of times over by the mobile phone in your pocket.

Because of this power available in such small sizes we’ve got choice when it comes to our gaming PCs, more choice now than ever before. Up until around a decade ago practically all desktop PC gaming was synonymous with the classic ‘tower’ build, but now we’ve got a gaming market littered with microATX builds, Small Form Factor, Mini Towers, Cube Cases, Mid-Towers, and of course gaming laptops.

All the sizes have got their own particular uses, whether it be to house ginormous cooling systems or to sit comfortably in front of your TV. The demand for choice is the reason we’re seeing the influx of tiny Steam Machines, and gaming laptops are proving to be an increasingly emergent market. In fact laptops are a world unto their own, ranging from super-slim 11-inch devices up to monstrous 22” beasts.

One dominant reason why PC gaming remains so popular is choice. Choice in every respect of your gaming builds, in regards to power, price, size, and more. So what’s your preferred gaming PC build size and why?

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