Up until about a year ago the issue of which controller to use was a one-stop shop - the Xbox 360 controller. We spent decades making use of assorted third-party tat for years, and then Microsoft delivered one of the ultimate PC gaming controllers in the form of the Xbox 360 gamepad. Finally we had a universal gamepad that was being accepted in games across the board, with appropriate on-screen button prompts.

The PlayStation 3 controller was also made compatible with PCs in a roundabout way, but the support was never there for it on a large scale. Fast forward a few years to now though, and we’ve got even more choice when it comes to which PC gamepad to use. Microsoft updated its classic controller and brought us the PC-compatible Xbox One gamepad, while Sony pulled a surprise out of the bag with the DualShock 4, completely annihilating its predecessor in pretty much every respect.

After the rush of support for the original Xbox 360 controller though, nearly every game is designed with 360 button prompts in mind. There are a few recent exceptions, most notably Assassin’s Creed Unity, but these are few and far between.

What’s unfortunate though is that while the X360 gamepad is the de facto choice now for most gamers , it’s undoubtedly far from perfect, chiefly because of one of the worst d-pads of modern times. The Xbox One controller rectifies this, while both it and the DualShock 4 have vastly improved accuracy on the analogue sticks.

Which controller do you think is best for PC gaming? Are you fine just sticking with the classic Xbox 360 controller, or do you think one of the others is worth the price of an upgrade?

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