Back when I was on dial-up and attempting in vain to make use of any dodgy download accelerator I could get my hands on, the prospect of downloading a 10kb/s was but a pipedream. My measly 3-4kb/s took 15 minutes for a 3MB song, let alone the 300MB Unreal Tournament map pack I sought after.

Fast forward to now and that speed seems almost criminally slow. I’m hooked up to a decent-ish 15Mb/s connection that’s hundreds of times faster, but I still find the odd game plagued with lag issues. I played Delta Force with 49 other people on dial-up and it was great, but every so often a two-player game of FIFA 15 has a fit and lags me to hell and back.

The more complicated our games become, the faster our connections need to be to cope with. Even now the physics in most online shooters are severely hampered by the low-end connections. With unlimited bandwidth we’d be up to all sorts of insanity.

And don’t get me started on download sizes. Just as we looked to be getting on top of things, up arrives this generation with some of the most ridiculous installation files the planet has ever known. 65GB for Grand Theft Auto 5? I could commit grand theft auto and be out of jail by the time that’s finished coming down the pipe.

So over to you then, what do you think is the ideal bandwidth for the modern gamer? What speed internet are you using for your online death dealing?


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