Keyboard’s come in all shapes and sizes, from them dastardly touch-input ones on your smartphone up to £200+ beasts. But buying a keyboard often isn’t as simple as just picking one out you like the look of, with a multitude of options of to be thought of from a gaming perspective.

Some keyboards are designed to be small, others had dozens upon dozens of extra keys and make a perfect fit for MMO players. Some have backlit keys, mechanical keys, silent keys, linear keys. The choices are endless. Some come with a wrist wrest, some even attach to your wrist, some are laser projected onto your desk.

Proper gaming keyboards are often thought of as the domain of the hardcore gamer, but there’s lot to be said for the additional functionality that certain keyboards can bring. While hunting for a keyboard all sorts of things are going to crop up, from rollovers to response times, polling rates, and even an anti-ghosting matrix. Delving deep can boggle the mind, but it can be so annoying splashing the cash on a keyboard that doesn’t work as intended.

So what do you look out for most when buying a keyboard, does it need to be wired or wireless? Is it backlit or nothing at all? Would you be able to cope without complex macro functions? What is your perfect gaming keyboard?

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