Spending the cash on a new gaming PC is a big deal. Most of us get plenty of upgrades along the way, but there usually ends up a moment where certain components have fallen so far behind that you’re in need of buying practically a whole new rig.

We’ve never had so much choice as to what can go into our gaming PCs as we do now, and we’re lucky enough with the number of digital distribution platforms and retro gaming services like GOG.com, that even the most basic of PCs has near instant access to a library of thousands of games.

Low-end PCs can be had for a few hundred quid now with relatively decent integrated graphics that can crank out older games in some style. This is offset by towering beasts costing upwards of $2000, loaded with a SLI or CrossFire configurations and featuring a processor that puts other rigs to shame.

When buying a new PC do you tend to go for the best of the best with the intent of having the longest lifespan, or do you start off smaller and pick up regular mid-range upgrades to keep up with the pack? How much do you look to spend on a brand new gaming PC from scratch, and would you consider yourself a low, mid, or high-tier PC gamer?

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