The popularity of DOTA 2 knows no bounds, with more than 1,000,000 gamers playing concurrently during Saturday evening. Who needs Valentines Day, eh? It became the first ever game on Steam to surpass 1 million players online at the same time.

There was a reason for the general hubbub though, and that was the return of the New Bloom festival. Running from Saturday through to March 2nd, the New Bloom festival features an all-new game mode - the Year Beast Brawl. Playing like a standard match of All-Pick DOTA, Year Beast Brawl introduces some very powerful friends in the shape of the Year Beasts.

If you just want to head in and have a go though, you might be in for a wait. The Year Beast Brawl is only available to play at random 10-minute periods throughout the day, and you can expect some lengthy queues as you and your fellow players battle to get in. The total peak player count was 1,074,266.

The Year Beast Brawl is only available to join during 10-minute periods, which will occur randomly a few times each day,” writes Valve. “A countdown timer will appear an hour before the start of each Brawl, allowing you time to assemble your friends and prepare. Once the Brawl becomes active, all players who choose to join a match during those 10 minutes will enter a Brawl. Rankings are not affected by Year Beast Brawls.

The sheer influx of players attempting to have DOTA 2 sessions reportedly caused a number of disconnections and patchy performance. Did you have any problems with Steam over the weekend? Have you given the new DOTA 2 mode a go yet?