Back in September last year we reported the number of Steam users shooting past the 100 million mark. Since then the user base has grown exponentially, achieving 25 million more active users in just five months, bringing the total up to 125 million Steam accounts.

It’s worth bearing in mind it’s active users rather than total number of Steam accounts, although it’s unclear how exactly Valve defines active users. Those 125 million active users have access
to more than 4500 games in the Steam library and 400 million pieces of user-generated content.

The biggest draw for Steam players is without doubt the duo of DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with each peaking at roughly 1.2 million and 400,000 players respectively. Both of these titles continue to rake in new players at a steady rate, with DOTA 2 in particular going from strength to strength.

Valve announced earlier today it's planning on launching its own SteamVR hardware, going head to head with Oculus Rift and asking for developers to approach them if they wish to support the platform. We can expect to see more of it at GDC 2015 next week, which marks the 13th anniversary of Steam’s first public announcement.