Those looking forward to the second part of Dontnod’s promising episodic adventure Life is Strange will be disappointed to hear it’s been delayed until an as-yet-undisclosed date. Life is Strange - Episode 2 was originally supposed to arrive on March 13th, but publisher Square Enix has said it now has no idea when it will arrive.

Dontnod has clearly hit some sort of stumbling block in the run up to Episode 2, although there’s no official word yet on just what has caused this delay. Episodic games have a history of running over schedule, with even the episodic masters Telltale Games often failing to deliver for months at a time.

In Life is Strange you play as Max, a student photographer who discovers she has the ability to rewind time at will. She’s also being plagued with strange visions of a gigantic storm coming to her hometown, with the first episode paving the way for a very mysterious adventure.

Mukulgupta reviewed the first episode late last month and dished out some glowing praise, saying "here I am no doubt in saying, Life is Strange is an incredible experience", and giving it a 9/10. You can check out his full review here.

As soon as we have more information regarding Life is Strange - Episode 2 we’ll update you on a release. Remember you can always keep track of upcoming PC and console releases with our up-to-date release calendar on the home page.