As sure as day follows night and transaction follows micro, EA has announced Visceral Games’ attempt at a Battlefield title will get a premium pass with a year’s worth of additional content. EA has pitched Battlefield Hardline Premium as an ‘exclusive membership program’, through which players will get early access to the glut of additional content packs, as well as four new features only accessible to premium members.

A total of four digital expansion packs will be arriving between Battlefield Hardline’s launch on March 20th and early 2016. Each comes with new multiplayer maps, modes, vehicles, and single-player story content, beginning with Battlefield: Hardline - Criminal Activity, in which players have to climb the rungs from small-time crooks to master thieves in highly destructible new maps.

This will be followed by the ‘cinematic’ Robbery in summer, the high-speed chases of Getaway in fall, before dealing with snitches in the final Betrayal DLC in early 2016.

Aside from the map packs, premium members will also get access to wearable cosmetic masks, a gun bench to customise weapons, weapon-specific stat tracking, competitive play and ‘Legendary Status’, which “Provides replayability of the entire progression system.” That last one sounds eerily similar to prestiging in Call of Duty, although Activision has yet to put that particular aspect behind a paywall.

In case you hadn’t made your mind up whether to splash out on the Premium pass for Battlefield: Hardline, Visceral also released the absolutely stunning trailer below.

No, you can’t get that 30 seconds of your life back.

Business as usual for Battlefield Hardline then, will you be tempted in by the niceties offered alongside the Premium membership? Or are all these exclusive extras enough to put you off Battlefield Hardline entirely?