The PC is expected to be the dominant gaming platform through until at least 2019, according to market research from DFC Intelligence. As it stands PC is the market leader in terms of global gaming software revenue, dwarfing consoles and mobiles, and leaving handhelds for dust.

The research suggests an upward trend for the global gaming market over the next half a decade, with PC, consoles, and phones/tablets all growing in terms of revenue. The big winners though are likely to be PC gaming and mobile, with the pair expected to rake in more than $70 billion between them in 2019.

In terms of PC gaming, it’s expected the platform will continue to grow and grow year on year, up from its current peak of $26 billion all the way up to $36 billion every year in software sales. This figure will include physical and digital game sales, as well as income from in-game microtransactions in F2P titles such as League of Legends.

The ubiquity of PC hardware is likely a key contributor to its success as a platform. Many more people have access to a PC than they do a games console, and the preponderance of less demanding titles recently helps with this growth.

Console gaming doesn’t come off too shabbily itself though, and it’s likely it too is going to see considerable growth over the coming years, with a drop-off expected later in the generation.

What factors do you think are contributing to the rise of PC gaming?