The other day I was having a browse around the Star Citizen store and I stumbled upon ‘The Completionist’ package. This digital pledge contains all of the spaceships announced up to 2014, as well as a couple of future ones. Oh, and it doesn’t come with the Javelin Destroyer, which was announced on November 27th. All the ultra rare ships come with a spare should you get get a flat tyre, and you also get a bunch of Hangar decorations.

The price for such an immense hangar of goods you ask? $18,000. Eighteen. Thousand. US. Dollars. That $18K nets you 45 different ships, alongside a few duplicates, at an average cost of $400 per ship. It’s a lot of money, and it easily makes Star Citizen one of the most expensive games ever released. Of course you gain to Star Citizen for just $54 if you want, but the option’s there if you’re feeling extravagant.

Konami also announced this week Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain would be costing £59.99 digitally on PC in the UK, making it one of the most expensive RRPs for a game yet. MGS sits comfortably in my top five game series of all time, but handing over £60 for the privilege is still a galling proposition. Unfortunately Konami knows its got its fans exactly where it wants them. 

My point being with these meandering thoughts is that games can be an expensive business, and people out there are surely paying the high-end prices somewhere. This isn't just applicable to special editions of games either, but the cost of buying games on day one. With that in mind, how much do you think is too much to pay for a single game? And if you don’t me prying, what would you say the most you’ve ever spent on a single game is?

The most I’ve probably ever spent is on Star Wars: Galaxies back in the day. I’d guess my two year subscription along with the game and the first expansion pack probably set me back about £300. Although I might have to shamefully throw Rock Band into the equation. I have no idea how much I spent there but I have an awful feeling it might dwarf SWG. Now, it’s over to you!

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