Valve has officially announced Source 2, its next-generation game engine. Source 2 is the successor to the original Source engine used to power Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike Source, and will be available free to all content developers.

"This combined with recent announcements by Epic and Unity will help continue the PCs dominance as the premiere content authoring platform," said Valve software developer Jay Stelly. Epic recently confirmed Unreal Engine 4 is now free to use, while Unity has just launched its new Unity 5 engine. 

The value of a platform like the PC is how much it increases the productivity of those who use the platform. With Source 2, our focus is increasing creator productivity. Given how important user generated content is becoming, Source 2 is designed not for just the professional developer, but enabling gamers themselves to participate in the creation and development of their favorite games," said Stelly.

While details on Source 2 are still scarce, Valve has confirmed it will be supporting the new Vulkan API. This was released yesterday and is a cross-platform and cross-vendor API that allows devs access to low overhead methods. Vulkan is the new API from Khronos Group who created OpenGL, and will likely be a vital tool for Linux development.

What do you think the implications are for future developments from Valve? Do you feel PC is massively strengthening as a gaming platform with these announcements?