If you’re anything like me then you’re a sucker for anything related to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The wait for CD Projekt RED’s RPG has been of the most painful in recent memory, alongside GTA V, but we’ve got our hands on some brand new screenshots to pore over in the meanwhile.

They all look predictably delightful of course, if you squint your eyes a bit and pretend you can't see the hanging corpses or the village-razing that is. It's clear The Witcher 3's vast world is going to be an incredible experience just to explore, and if these screenshots do the visuals of the final game justice then we are in for a true treat from CDPR. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will cast a spell on May 19th, when it launches worldwide on PC. PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Only two months to go now, two months to make sure your gaming rig's up to the task of taking on Geralt's latest adventure. Remember you can head on over to The Witcher 3's system requirements page to see how your PC will handle it, as well as find all the latest news on The Witcher 3.