There’s a lot of things our PCs can do, but gaming on the move isn’t typically one of them. Yet. Okay you get laptops, but we all know every laptop under the sun has a practically dead battery after six months use, forcing you to permanently tether yourself to a plug socket like a dog tied to a lamppost. It’s evidently not the best solution, but what is?

Nvidia’s been trying to answer the question for some time now with its range of Shield devices, but each typically specialises in running Android games natively rather than tucking into your Steam library. There were whispers of a handheld Steam machine last year but that’s failed to materialise.

With the power on offer in our phones and tablets now it’s probably about time we had a proper version of Steam or GOG for our mobiles. Most modern cellphones would be more than capable of running much of the older titles, and who wouldn’t want to make the commute to work a little more interesting by busting out some Sunless Sea on them move.

Tablets certainly seem the obvious choice for proper PC gaming, and it's surely going to be an ever bigger option in the future. Not many people bother with internet connections for tablets but there's also the possibility of streaming titles even while you're out of the house in the near future, using services like Nvidia's GRID or potentially even Steam to deliver the content straight to your tablet.

Some people opt for even more novel ideas. The man in the picture above was spotted taking his entire Wii U onto a train, plugging it into the available mains socket and playing it entirely using the Wii U gamepad. Over the top maybe, but I bet his train journey flew by. 

Dedicated gaming handhelds from Sony and Nintendo are the obvious choice at the moment, but this is a market that's unfortunately being squeezed out by the rise of mobile devices capable of much more. 

How do you like to game when you're on the move? Would you like to see dedicated handheld PCs with access to your games library, or do you think the future is streaming content?

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