Shooter Fans who were excited with Spec Ops: The Line's launch have another reason to celebrate. 2k Games said a couple of days earlier about a certain DLC coming "approximately" in August but GD has learnt much more.

The DLC will contain 4 cooperative missions that are set prior to the events of the single-player campaign. New levels and playable characters will also be in the offerings. The biggest surprise though...

It's Free. Excited now? 2k Games had this to say, "Players must work together through waves of enemies and blinding sandstorms to complete their objectives, emphasizing and utilizing a variety of weapons and explosives." It surely looks like an enticing prospect.

Developed by Yager Development, Spec Ops: The Line follows the story of Captain Martin Walker as he is sent into an post-castastrophe Dubai with an elite Force Delta team to hunt for a decorated supposedly-dead colonel named Konrod, as well as evacuate any survivors.

We got to know from our members that the game is an emotional ride with a story that sucks you in unlike other Hollywood-esque campaigns. Definitely worth a try.

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Have you played Spec Ops: The Line yet? How was your experience and will this upcoming DLC convince you, the new players, in buying the game? Share your words in the comments below.