Screens have surfaced from the Rainbow Six: Siege alpha, depicting a new map in which terrorists must hold a hostage on an aeroplane while counter-terrorist forces storm it. The map, imaginatively dubbed ‘Plane’, allows players to explore multiple floors with passenger seating, cargo, cockpit, kitchen and more.

Much like the first map there are multiple entry points for the counter-terrorists. In order to combat this the terrorists can put up metal blockades or barricade doors, temporarily halting the counter-terrorists in the three-minute matches.

Slightly worrying is the apparent visual downgrade from when we last saw it. While the platform this is being played on is unconfirmed, the alpha test was supposedly PC-only. The biggest change looks to be from scenery destruction. At E3 the walls were fully-deformable with bullet holes and explosives, but from these images and 11-minutes of footage that has since been taken down, it looks like this might have been scaled back a whole bunch.

Do you reckon Ubisoft's squad-based shooter shows plenty of promise? Could we see a scaling back of level damage in the run-up to launch, no doubt to prevent performance problems?