Ubisoft has revealed a new trailer for Rainbow Six: Siege, demonstrating a brand-new class-based operator system. Five distinct classes are available for both attackers and defenders, with each granted unique skills, weapons, and abilities.

SAS member Sledge can go in all guns blazing, making use of a close-quarters shotgun and breaching hammer, while Ash is a sniper capable of firing long-distance breaching charges to help her teammates. Each and every operator will have a member of the opposite team with counter-abilities poised to take them down, in intense rock, paper, scissor encounters.

A total of 20 operators are planned for Rainbow Six: Siege at launch, so a successful team is going to need to know which characters are going to work best with one another, all the while counteracting the choices the other team could be making,.

The squad-based shooter is entering closed alpha any day now, with players given access to the House map seen at E3 last year, as well as the new ‘Plane’ map. If you miss out on the Rainbow Six: Siege Alpha then pre-ordered will net you guaranteed access to the beta test later this year.

Can Ubisoft stumble upon its first successful multiplayer shooter? Or will Uplay integration ultimately bring it down?