Humble Indie Bundle 14 Is Packed Full Of Wang

Written by Neil Soutter on Thu, Apr 2, 2015 11:30 AM
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The Humble site’s been updated and you know what that means - a whole new bunch of games bundled up and ready to stack precipitously atop your towering backlog. This time around it’s the indie revolution powering onward, with the Humble Indie Bundle 14 packing together more than eight games for a so-tempting-I-can’t-resist-it price.

Main billing goes to the Shadow Warrior 2013 remake which, if you haven’t played it yet, is downright hilarious kung-fu shooting action. This is backed by some indie royalty with the rock-hard tomb-raiding La-Mulana, loot-grind click-a-thon Torchlight II, and the absolutely horrific Outlast. Horrific in a good way, just don’t blame me when you find yourself unable to play it.

The $1 is a relative unknown, comprising Pixel Piracy, UnEpic, and Super Splatters, but for a dollar it’s hard to go wrong. From what I’ve heard of UnEpic it’s meant to be decent, so that could well be worth a playthrough.

The ‘Pay More Than The Average’ tier is where it’s at though, with the trio of Outlast, Torchlight 2, La-Mulana and the promise of more to come. At the time of writing all of the above are available for the princely sum of $5.85. No word on what those extra games will be, but you’ve got nearly a fortnight to wait and find out. Expect that average price to creep up though.

Last but not least is the Shadow Warrior: Special Edition. Katana-wielding, wang-tastic, over-the-top, giblety fun.

The Humble Indie Bundle 14 is available for the next 12 or so days, so scooch on over to the Humble Store if you want to grab it.

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16:35 Apr-02-2015

The best part about this is Shadow Warrior just release a new patch that increases performance big time and with upgraded DirectX 11 graphic features.

11:36 Apr-02-2015

Dammit, only got $0.17 left on Steam. :[


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