This month is officially Grand Theft Auto V PC month. After 18 months of twiddling fingers, watching paint dry, and other assorted time-wasting activities, Rockstar is finally set to deliver the goods. The ultimate version of the ultimate game, on the ultimate platform.

True to its word last week, Rockstar has sent along world’s first Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay trailer on PC, running at a magnificent 60 frames per second, and looking better than it ever has. You know, just to make these last 248 hours until GTA V unlocks on Steam just that little bit more painful…

Grand Theft Auto V PC is out on April 14th worldwide. It’s priced at £39.99 on Steam but it can be found found for as low as £19.18 on Nuuvem. We know though that GTA V is going to have to run through the Rockstar Social client rather than Steam et al, so there may be region locks at play if you’re planning on picking up a cheaper copy.

In the meantime make sure your rig's up to task by checking out the official PC Grand Theft Auto V system requirements. Look out for extensive benchmarks here on GD near launch.

Got your pre-order in?