One of the happiest days is when you press the on button to your new beast of a PC. It turned up only hours earlier, and as electricity breathes life into it, the months of saving and dreams of running the latest games have finally collided. Not moving a muscle, you wait as the bios gives way to the operating system, all the while thinking to yourself, this is so much faster than my last PC.

You turn to your real/virtual shelf of games and ponder, what on earth is going to be the best game to showcase the abilities of my new machine? Well I am going to suggest 5 great games to take the virginity of your PC with, but like all Up For Debates, I want you guys to get involved with your suggestions. Then hopefully we will have an awesome list of first games to play on your new machine. Games that can benchmark your new PC, while simultaneously have you stare on in wonder at the impressive visuals your new gaming computer can deliver.

To clarify on the title of this article, these games are not necessarily games that have released in 2015, but games that are great benchmark showcases today for your brand new gaming rig. Of course the game has to also have already released.

I am looking for games that look gorgeous, push the performance of your hardware, but dont leave you depressed that you have just bought a rig that cant even play a game that has already released. That last bit is hopefully unlikely but can happen with games like, Assassins Creed Unity, when it released.

Feel free to put these in your own order by voting at the bottom, but I am going to list these benchmark showcase games from 5th, through to my 1st choice and favourite.

5th: Assetto Corsa - I am starting the list off with a racing sim. Lovingly recreating the world of racing and every inch of a track, these types of games will bring real life gaming directly into your new rig. With numerous graphics settings, Assetto will help you appreciate your new PC.

4th: Total War: Attila - The latest version of the Total War series, Attila, has some significant visual enhancements over its predecessors. Zooming about a battlefield and swooping down amongst the hundreds of life like models, as they clash with the enemy on the defended settlement ramparts, will certainly test your hardware. These PC only titles will make you pleased you have a modern PC.

3rd: Dying Light - Fast paced, first world parkour across a well designed and visually impressive city. The point of view is personal, offering you and your new PC an awesome experience. 

2nd: Far Cry 4 - An amazing open world, with stunning environments and scenery. When you climb to the top of a tower and have all the graphics options ramped up to max, Far Cry 4 is a wonderful visual experience. Its also a great fun game that you can pick up and play. Flying or driving, hunting or swimming, Far Cry 4 is a splendid candidate for first game on your PC.

1st: Shadow of Mordor - This is a great game and puts almost daft VRAM requirements onto your graphics card. You can turn the game up to Ultra only if you have 6GB VRAM. Either way, a very enjoyable game, with great looking visuals and some highly customisable graphics settings. So you can adjust to suit your new PC performance and still get a wonderful experience. SoM was our game of the year in 2014 and so we urge you to try this regardless of you having a new PC or not.

Other titles worth mentioning are the classic benchmark games from the recent past. Battlefield 4 & Crysis 3 are both beautiful by today's standards and set the visual benchmark when they released.

If you want to view your frames per second while playing your new games then there are third party software that you can run while playing your games. FRAPS is the usual one, but there are other options as well.

Please also remember to submit your latest frames per second results to GD on a game's rating page, once you have played it.

Quick side note: Take GD with you when you visit Youtube or wherever else you happen to travel, with our

So there we go. I want you guys to share your suggestions below. What games would you put into your brand new PC? A game that you feel best highlights the strengths of your new hardware, while displaying a veritable treat for the eyes.

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