Paradox is in the business of sequels, particularly sequels to series as well-loved as Crusader Kings. The last main outing we saw for it was Crusader Kings II back in 2012, but Paradox Interactive COO Susana Meza Graham has admitted a sequel will eventually come, it’s just a matter of when.

It might be three years old but Crusader Kings 2 is still riding high in the Steam player charts, beating off Civilization: Beyond Earth, Planetside 2 and Evolve’s concurrent player counts via Steam on a regular basis. Since launch it’s been bolstered by dozens of expansion packs and major updates, but there will eventually be a fully-fledged sequel further down the line.

That’s a very exciting way to go about it: having a real good product as a base and then developing and adding content depending on what you see people playing and liking, as well as what the developers are interested in and passionate about,” said Graham in an interview.

The average playtime for those who’ve bought Crusader Kings 2 is a massive 99 hours, but there’s still a demand for even more. “You’ll see a Crusader Kings III when we feel like we’re done with Crusader Kings II, and also when we have a really strong product champion for it internally,” continued Graham.

She goes on to say Crusader Kings III will arrive as soon the opportunity is really there to innovate on the idea, concluding a sequel is always going to happen for a successful game.

More Crusader Kings is on the cards eventually then, how do you think Paradox can take the already exhaustively deep strategy game to the next level?