Rockstar has revealed PC gamers will be able to begin pre-loading Grand Theft Auto 5 from tomorrow. Users can grab a head-start on the mammoth 65GB download from April 7th, a week before GTA 5’s PC release.

The 65GB install makes Grand Theft Auto V one of the largest games of all time, and it’s going to take many users potentially the entire week to grab Rockstar’s open-world game. If 65GB sounds like a bit too much to stomach, you could alternatively just wait until April 14th and grab yourself a retail copy - presumably packing a lot of DVDs.

Remember to check out the latest PC Grand Theft Auto 5 trailers to while away the days and hours until its April 14th release date worldwide. 

GTA Online Heists Trailer

60 FPS Grand Theft Auto V PC Trailer

How long do you estimate it will take to download Grand Theft Auto V on your connection? Will you be opting for a retail copy to skip the huge 65GB download?