Amidst all the chat of its 4K resolution support and gloriously smooth 60 frames per second frame rate, it’s been all too easy to gloss over what could be a killer feature for Grand Theft Auto V on PC - the Director Mode.

The key differentiators between console and PC gaming have always been freedom of choice, and creativity. Whether that's by buying a new graphics cards for souped up visuals, creating a mod, or remaking the entirety of Reservoir Dogs in GTA 5, the options are there. Grand Theft Auto 5's 'Director Mode' will allow us to film everything we’re doing in GTA V, before transforming the final cut into a cinematic masterpiece with an entire suite of video editing tools at your disposal - ready to share with the world.

Normal gameplay can be captured at will, before being chopped and spliced. Audio levels can be messed with, and camera angles changed on a completely freeform basis. Just shot down a helicopter which landed on, and blew up, a police car? Set the camera angle inside the heli as the RPG comes spiralling towards it.

The tools aren’t just limited to capturing bog-standard gameplay footage either. GTA V’s director Mode will allow you place and record any NPCs in the game, even animals, providing your own dialogues. If you want to take things a step further, Director Mode has tools for changing the time of day, or the weather, or built-in cheats to set up all manner of situations.

Once your footage is taken you’ll then be able to choose from Grand Theft Auto 5’s hundreds of radio tracks, chopping and changing multiple tracks into a single video. You can even add post effects to the footage, such as a noir filter, a drunken effect, or customised depth of field.

We can’t wait to see what PC community begins building with GTA 5 once it hits on Tuesday, April 14th. The tools are in our hands to create some truly stunning videos, and like always we’re sure to be taken aback by just how far Director Mode can be taken. See in you Vinewood!