The times are out, we now know exactly what time the world will be able to get its hands on Grand Theft Auto V on PC. No doubt millions have already pre-loaded Rockstar’s open-world mayhem simulator, and we’ll no doubt all be sat around twiddling our thumbs tomorrow, counting down the hours.

Rockstar’s support account tweeted a message confirming the timings for the digital versions of GTA 5, which will go live on steam and the Rockstar Warehouse over the course of April 13-14th. Head on in to check out the full timings.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will unlock at 12AM BST on April 14th worldwide. For our American readers that’s 16:00 PT and 19:00 ET on Monday, April 13th. If you’re over in New Zealand then you’re going to have to wait until 11AM on April 14th unfortunately, but you do get to live in the future you lucky so and sos.

If you’re waiting on reviews until you get your order in then you could have a bit of a wait on your hands, GTA 5 is a massive 65GB download. For everyone who’s pre-ordered, make sure you’re ready for Tuesday, GTA V is available to pre-load right now.

Grand Theft Auto 5 PC News Round Up - Everything You Need To Know