As you may have noticed, while browsing around GD, we’ve got a new survey for you to take a look at. I want you to help decide what direction to take Game Debate in; what development you think we should work on next and which ideas you think are cool. It's GD so I value every one of your opinions, and it’s also an opportunity for you to shape GD into what you want.

We’ve got big ambitions for our community, and I want you to understand that with your help, some awesome things can happen. The aim is to turn our amazing community into the ultimate place for PC gamers to get together and discuss the latest developments in gaming and hardware. To that end we want to take the next step; we want to create more of everything you want - whether that be hardware analysis, gaming benchmarks, whatever you like. This is your opportunity to let us know exactly what you'd like from GD. To sweeten the deal a little, everybody who fills in the survey will be in with a chance of winning a PC code for Rockstar's incredible Grand Theft Auto 5, out today.

Chance to Win GTA 5 - GD Survey 

It goes without saying, but the survey replies will have no bearing on who wins a copy of GTA 5, this will be dished out totally randomly. Cheers in advance for getting involved with the survey and helping shape the future of GD, and good luck in the GTA V PC copy prize draw!