Rockstar certainly took its merry time bringing GTA 5 over to PC, but after more than 18 months adrift at sea we’ve finally washed up ashore of Los Santos. The wait has been worth it though, the PC version rolls in all of the updates from the Grand Theft Auto 5 remaster on consoles, and then some, delivering the definitive version of the ultimate game.

There’s no doubting that with the right hardware the PC version of GTA 5 is the best looking of the bunch, capable of 4K gaming and beyond, with higher resolution textures, denser populations, and that all important frame rate boost. First things first though, we want to see directly how GTA V on PC stacks up to the PlayStation 4 remastered version in these exclusive gameplay videos.

For this benchmark we ran a route from the north-east of Los Santos all the way down to the south-west, by the docks. The total run takes about 4 minutes or so, and aside from a few turns accidentally catapulted past at insane speeds, gives an indicator of what the whole route looks like on both platforms. Restrictions on the PlayStation 4's video recording tools mean this video is only 720p resolution, whereas the GTA V remaster is running at 1080p natively. They're also at a sliiiightly different time of day which is what has effected the lighting quality, PS4 is early morning and PC is mid-day, so everything's much brighter. 

GTA 5: PS4 Vs PC Graphics Comparison - PlayStation 4 Graphics Setting

GTA 5: PC Vs PS4 Graphics Comparison - GTX 670 High Graphics Setting

Pound for pound these are two fairly similar looking games. GTA 5 was never ugly to begin with, particularly when factoring in the scale of its world, but the PC version just about edges it on texture quality, although there's not masses in it. Rockstar hasn't gone above and beyond to deliver a radically better looking version on PC, but if you've got the hardware to back it up then you could benefit greatly from higher resolutions, possibly even 4K.

The key difference here though is the frame rate. The PlayStation 4 version runs at a locked 30 frames per second, with occasional, but noticeable dips at extreme speeds or during intense firefights. With the GeForce GTX 670 we can see it hitting a solid 40+ frames per second with no noticeable dips, occasionally tipping over past 50fps. This leads to much smoother gameplay across the board, and becomes even more vital when you take things into Grand Theft Auto Online.