We’ve seen what the GeForce GTX 670 can do at reasonably high settings in Grand Theft Auto V, but what about if we turned every setting we could get our hands on to practically the max? Having seen Los Santos in the blistering sunshine we thought it about time for a night-time cruise, all the better for showing off all of GTA 5's lighting effects and mammoth draw distance, with streetlamps twinkling on the horizon.

For this 1080p benchmark video of Grand Theft Auto 5 everything but MSAA was at its highest possible setting, with the hugely demanding anti-aliasing solution still weighing in at 4xMSAA. Time to take the motorbike for a spin...

Unsurprisingly the frame rate takes a dip in this Very High night time video, down from the 40-50 frames per second we saw when playing GTA 5 at High. Despite this, the frame rate still remains rock solid even with everything cranked up, wavering around 35fps. What’s most impressive with what Rockstar has achieved here is just how steady the frame rate is. Despite buzzing around a motorbike all over the place at dangerously fast speeds, the frame rate only strays as low as 33 and as high as 43fps, delivering pleasingly reliable performance.

The speed you're travelling at  in GTA V doesn't seem to have any direct impact on performance, with every streaming in well with little pop-up. In fact the frame rate tends to dip at its lowest when travelling slowly or at a standstill, possibly loading in higher-resolution textures in preparation for going on foot. 

One slightly disappointing thing to note is the population density, putting this all the way up doesn’t really have the effect you’d expect, looking much the same as it always did. Still, that’s a minor quibble when an open-world can look this great and this varied. Early impressions suggest Rockstar has pulled out a fine port with Grand Theft Auto 5, with great performance, optimisation, and sheer number of graphic options to tweak.

Next up we’ll be taking a look at how some of our weaker graphics cards perform, including the GeForce GTX 750 Ti, and the GTX 650, so keep an eye out for them in the coming days.