For the past 24 hours we’ve all been getting lost in a world of fast cars, fake people, two-bit criminals, government conspiracies, and deranged psychopaths. Grand Theft Auto 5 really does have it all, stretching from the mountainous north of Blaine County, through the baking desert, and down to the corrupt streets of Los Santos - this is gaming.

We’ve been tapping our feet and waiting impatiently for years now, but finally we’ve been able to put Rockstar’s latest to the test. Hardware concerns were always going to be an issue for GTA 5, but Rockstar has nailed it this time around. If you haven’t picked up Grand Theft Auto V yet though and you want to see how it performs on your hardware, head on in for the complete run-down of nearly every high-end graphics card, on Very High graphics settings at 1920 x 1080 resolution.

For a complete look at every graphics option available in GTA 5 then check out the link below, as well as the video of just what GTA V looks like on Very High settings at 1080p resolution.

Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Graphics Options Settings Screens

Grand Theft Auto 5 Very High Graphics GeForce GTX 670 1080p

Grand Theft Auto V 1080p Very High GPU Benchmarks

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Aside from being a very respectable bunch of results, this tells us Nvidia has just about got the edge over AMD in terms of GPU performance in GTA V. There’s not much in it but team green seems to squeeze out an extra few frames on like-for-like cards, likely a result of some extra driver optimisation on Nvidia's part. As you can see though, even the humble GTX 750 Ti is capable of some respectable frame rates, dipping down as low as 17 but averaging out at 25. This is just five frames shy of the PlayStation 4 version, which runs at significantly lower graphics settings.

For all the moaning we've done about having to wait so very, very long for Grand Theft Auto 5, we have to congratulate Rockstar on an absolutely solid port. Performance seems great across the board, and GTA 5 comes packing some extremely scalable graphics settings to suit even lower-end PCs. Obviously once you hit resolutions above and beyond 1080p it becomes a different story, but as the year's tick by this will be a gaming great we can come back to with better and better rigs for pin-sharp 4K resolution and beyond.

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How's GTA 5 going your end? What sort of performance are you getting on your rig? Let us know in the comments section below!