When Rockstar announced Grand Theft Auto V would be getting a first-person mode, the makers of the Virtuix Omni’s VR eyes no doubt lit up.

We’ve taken a look at this device before, but what it is, essentially, is a sloped 360 degree treadmill on which you can run perpetually, in any direction you want. Pair it up with a virtual reality headset and you can actually walk/run/wheeze through these virtual worlds. Combine this with a handheld gun and you’ve got yourself what could be the ultimate immersive GTA 5 experience.

The video demonstration is a little strange. Everything seems a shade more risqué once you’re running it in VR, and there’s something slightly disconcerting about the casualness with which he wanders into a store, aims a gun, and shoots the shopkeeper. It’s no different to what we all do at some time or another in GTA 5 though, so perhaps this is just the ramblings of a madman.

Now obviously hardware like this doesn’t come cheap, and it’ll set you back $700 for the basics, and then you’ll need the VR headset and controller on top of that. You’ll also need a fair bit of space to set it up, but it looks like a decent way to burn a few calories during a game session.

Tempted to try out an insane setup like this? Could movement tech like this be the future of virtual reality gaming?