The standard edition of Rainbow Six: Siege on PC will be a digital-only release, Ubisoft has confirmed. The squad-based tactical multiplayer shooter will not be available on disc unless users splash out for the £60 limited edition Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege - Art of Siege special edition.

This limited version comes packing a disc-based copy of the game, as well as a collector’s box, an exclusive 120-page tactical guide, and gold weapon skins to add a touch of gangsta’ to your counter-terrorist soldiers.

Rainbow Six: Siege’s recent PC alpha was a 9GB install, but we’d expect the final game to be significantly larger than this once expanded with more maps and unit types. Those unable to download a 30GB+ game will be forced to pre-order the collector’s edition in order to guarantee access.

Ubisoft’s shooter isn’t the first high-profile release to skip a standard disc-based PC release, Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight is getting no disc release on PC whatsoever, even if PC gamers fork out for the extravagant special edition. At the moment this only applies to the UK, it remains to be seen what Warner Bros plans are for the rest of the world. 

We’ve been headed this way for a while, but it appears as if physical PC releases are beginning to go the way of the dodo, particularly when high-profile titles like Rainbow Six: Siege and Batman: Arkham Knight aren’t hitting store shelves.

Will this impact your purchase of Rainbow Six: Siege? Could we be nearing the end of physical game copies? 

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