Grand Theft Auto 5 sold through more than one million units within its first day on sale on PC, setting Steam alight and busting through the 300,000 concurrent players mark. It’s a magnificent port with some great performance and even better visuals. But, as always with something this large, there were a few teething problems.

This latest PC patch for GTA 5 fixes a whole host of niggling issues, including that Windows Media Player installation bug. Best of all for PC fans though is you can now hop straight into a video card benchmark test from the main menu, while crashes occurring immediately after GTA V launches should now be eliminated, fingers crossed.

GTA 5 PC 335.1 Patch Notes

  • Players can no longer purchase more vehicles than their properties can store
  • Players can now launch a video card benchmark test from the main menu
  • Fixed an issue where facial features would not save correctly when transferring a character from Xbox 360 or PS3 and changing genders while editing the character’s appearance
  • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck in the clouds when voting to quick restart the Humane Labs Heist
  • Fixed an issue where markers in the Rockstar Editor could not be deleted with the mouse
  • Fixed various audio recording issues with Rockstar Editor clips
  • Fixed an issue where the Yacht would not appear in some recorded Rockstar Editor clips
  • Fixed a rare issue where some Rockstar Editor clips could not be opened for editing
  • Fixed an issue where the GTAV Launcher would not display the correct amount of time remaining for file downloads
  • The Steam overlay has been moved to prevent it from covering up Launcher buttons
  • Fixed an issue where the game would not save your settings when restarting in some instances
  • Fixed a rare issue where the Steam version of the game would crash right after launching
  • Windows Media Player is no longer required to install GTAV. Instead, Windows Media Foundation will be required
  • Fixed an issue where the game would show the pause menu without player input
  • Fixed an issue where the max frame rate would be incorrectly low in rare cases

As per usual your copy of GTA V should update automatically when you load up Steam, or when you attempt to boot up the game. According to my install the patch weights in at around 177MB.