Judi Kidman Faces The Consequences In The Evil Within DLC

Written by Neil Soutter on Wed, Apr 22, 2015 4:30 PM
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The second half of Judi Kidman’s warped adventure has arrived this week, with Bethesda sending along a launch trailer for The Evil Within expansion. The second of three DLC packs coming to The Evil Within, The Consequence follows up the strange happenings of the previous chapter, and hopefully answers the unresolved mysteries of The Evil Within once and for all.

Spoilers incoming for those who haven’t played The Evil Within, obviously. The Consequence looks at Kidman’s shadowy connection with Mobius and her hidden motivations for the events which unfold in the main game.

The Evil Within - The Consequence is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. It's available to pick up for £6.99 on its own, or available as part of The Evil Within's season pass.

Tim took a look at the previous Assignment DLC, writing [The Assignment] "provides a much more stealth-focused approach than the original The Evil Within and is different enough to make it feel like you’re not just playing through a rehash of the same experience.


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19:00 Apr-22-2015

I found the evil within way too confusing in terms of where to go. I kept on going the wrong way running all around the map to get an inch further and being overpowered by the bigger chainsaw-wielding psychos.

I very much liked resident evil 4 but didn't saw that kind of magic with this game.

18:30 Apr-22-2015

Brilliant DLC.


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