What Are You Playing This Weekend - May 2015 Edition

Written by Jon Sutton on Fri, May 1, 2015 4:30 PM

As we steamroller into 'The Month of The Witcher 3', we’ve got just a few short weeks to rabidly crack through our backlog of games before it gets its 100+ hour claws into us. April might not have had the largest quantity of top-tier releases but it certainly had some of the best. Grand Theft Auto V finally touched down on PC, to much frivolity. A great port and a showcasing the PC as the platform to play it on.

Not to be forgotten, Mortal Kombat X also arrived with it’s frankly revolting brand of organ-spilling violence, and we loved it. That’s not to forget a couple of bona fide surprises in the shape of Dirt Rally and WWE 2K15, two games we didn’t even know were coming to PC just a matter of weeks ago. Now look at us, we’re grappling in the mud like it’s going out of fashion.

Then there is the always fantastic glut of indie titles doing the rounds, including the final chapter of Broken Age, Titan Souls, Stealth Inc 2, I Am Bread and more. Now though we’ve got a long weekend stretching out ahead of us, so what gaming delights are you planning on ploughing through?

Jon: I’m reviewing WWE 2K15, so I’ll no doubt sink plenty of time into this steroid-infused mayhem. Just to catch up on what’s going down on planet WWE, I might even find some time to watch last week’s Extreme Rules. Wrestlemania was sufficiently hilarious so it could be Budweiser & Dominos time. Staying classy ;)

Other than that, I’m hoping to get around to some Dirt Rally but my chief ambition is to progress further in Bloodborne. I was too wimpy for the Souls series but I’ve stuck with this one and I’ve made some good progress, six or seven bosses down already I think. Hit a brick wall with [Possible Spoiler] Rom though, in particular his spider chums, who really don’t know how to play fair.

Chris: Well, Steam went and made Skyrim two quid last weekend, the bastards, so I’m now storming my way through that for a second time. And apparently that Tim Schaffer fella has finally got around to finishing his latest game, Broken Age, too - so hopefully, once I’ve actually remembered what happened in the first half, I’ll be blasting through part two.

Felix: Currently embroiled in GTA V on PC. But its the tablet title i want to bring your attention to, called King of Dragon Pass. It's set in the Heroquest/Runequest world of Glorantha. As a ruler of a farming/warring tribe you make decisions on a turn-by-turn basis with only your logic and memory of your past choices to guide you.

It's a great indie title that is available on PC, Android and IOS. It was first released on PC fifteen years ago, but the single guy behind KoDP is still actively bringing it to new platforms and updating it. It will have you saying, 'I will just have another quick turn to see what happens'. Here's a great excerpt that describes the nature of the game incredibly well:

You are playing the game and on one turn you are presented with this message "A girl sees a great shadow of a passing bird." and offered a few options as to how you should respond. You are then stuck thinking - Is this a bad omen? Can you laugh it off? What if you do and something bad happens later on, will you be blamed for inaction or can the village chief convince people it's a coincidence? If you act, is it enough to perform a simple ritual to ward off bad spirits or is it necessary to sacrifice cows? How many cows is enough? Too many and the farmers won't be happy then either.

And where are the explorers, shouldn't they be back already? Will there be enough harvest this year or should you launch a trading mission or attempt a heroquest? Do you have enough warriors patrolling your land to keep away outlaws or raiding clans looking for an easy theft?

Leading a tribe in a land of mystery is inviting trouble and an experience full of depth. But, amazingly, the learning curve isn't steep at all, you can just start playing right away. Granted, you'll probably make bad choices and ruin your tribe, but it's a great experience anyway and maybe you'll do better next time.

Divayth: As a strategy and RPG enthusiast the Might and Magic series always allured me, but for some reason I never explored that territory. But hold your horses! before you all man your pitchforks and torches over this, let me say that this has changed now thanks to my dear friend Stuart, kindly pointing out that almost the entire series can be bought in a humble bundle for pocket change. I’ve almost downloaded and installed all the games (many of which in Uplay, sadly) but I am still entirely clueless on which one to crack open first. So if any of you have suggestions towards the chronology these titles are to be enjoyed you’re very welcome to comment in the discussion page below or to spam my profile!

So, GDers, it’s over to you. Tell us what you’ll be playing this weekend in the comments below!

If you're still deciding on what game to pick up to play this weekend, remember you can use GD's own GD Anywhere Chrome Extension to see how your PC will run any game featured on any website.

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09:50 May-05-2015

Trying to finish GTA V

09:51 May-04-2015

I play AC Unity, after i finish it ill go for GTAV


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