This week Warner Bros and Rocksteady well and truly set the bat amongst the pigeons when it announce the Batman: Arkham Knight season pass last week. Priced at an eye-watering £33, it was a huge signifier of just how big business these post-launch DLC collections are.

Announced nearly two full months ahead of Arkham Knight’s release, the Season Pass costs almost twice as much as the base game can be found for pre-order. It didn’t end there either, with the obligatory £34.99 Call of Duty: Black Ops III season pass announced just days ago, adding four map packs for just £5 shy of the main game’s RRP.

Clearly season passes are selling, or they wouldn’t be happening. Much of the trouble stems from not knowing exactly what’s included. Some gamers are stumping up £20+ for a total mystery box, and unless players are interested in both single and multi-player, they're likely to find something disappointing.

This isn’t to say all DLC is bad, far from it, but the season pass practice appears as if it’s getting out of hand. The price of a game with all its content is practically doubling under our noses, so where does it end?

Personally the only season passes I’ve ever bought have been for Telltale Games and the original Borderlands (If it had one, I bought all the DLC at least), but huge price slashes before the seasons are even over have quickly taught me to wait. The same applies for The Evil Within; the season pass saw a significant price cut in a Steam sale before a single piece of DLC had even been released.

Are you a fan of season passes? What’s the maximum you would consider paying? Is the number of season passes spiralling out of control? Let us know what you think!

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