Diablo 3s Johanna: Crusader Of Zakarum Joins Heroes Of The Storm Roster

Written by Neil Soutter on Mon, May 11, 2015 10:15 AM
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Blizzard has revealed a brand new character coming to Heroes of the Storm, its in-house MOBA with a cast of iconic figures pulled from its range of franchises. The latest combatant to sign up is Diablo 3’s Crusader, the iron brute added as part of the Reaper of Souls expansion pack.

The female Crusader, known as Johanna, will no doubt be born to tank. Armed with a sturdy shield and a rather fierce-looking Mace, Johanna has access to a range of magic from the heavens, including Blessed Shield and Falling Sword. Designed with crowd control in mind, a combination of stun and slowing attacks ensures she should be a vital cog in any team.

Her moveset is pretty much identical to what Diablo III fans will have already seen; Condemn pulls enemies nearer and stuns them, Blessed Shield flings her iron defence at enemies with a ranged attack, and the Heroic Falling Sword sees Johanna, Crusader of Zakarum, ascend to the heavens before smashing down with a devastating area of effect attack.

Heroes of the Storm, a pretender to the MOBA throne, looks to be gaining some serious traction among fans of the genre and newcomers alike. It'll be interesting to see how Blizzard's stab at a MOBA pans out, but we haven't got long to wait. A full beta is running now ahead of the June 2nd launch.

Have you been hooked by Heroes of the Storm yet? What do you make of the new character? 

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14:07 May-11-2015

would be OP if Johanna have the gyrfalcon's foote equipped while being pull to nexus lol.
captain america build ftw

11:33 May-11-2015

This game is literarily everythning i expected from a MOBA game. Its fast paced, quick to learn and easy to play, but hard to master. Problem with DOTA and LOL is that you have so much to learn about the game, items, runes, and you need to know every champion to know what to do and how to counter him, and these games have over 100 or more champions now.

11:34 May-11-2015

And the other thing is that i am a devoted fan of Blizzards games, and seeing all characters at the same place is just amazing.


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