Much loved GTA IV mod iCEnhancer is making the jump to Grand Theft Auto V, the modding team has revealed. The mod will be designed to enhance GTA 5 visually in every way, and comes alongside confirmation from Rockstar it will not be wielding the banhammer against single-player mod users.

It’s early days for the iCEnhancer team, but the first version of the GTA V mod is already making waves. Any semblance of draw-distance fog has been all but removed, the colour palette changed for more vivid visuals, blurry backgrounds have been removed, water reflections given a makeover, and post-processing effects for each character have been disabled.

At the moment a public release isn't available just yet, but in the meantime the iCEnhancer team have released a mountain of videos and pictures to give us a taster of what to expect from the first version of the mod. 

It's still early days for the iCEnhancer, but this gives us an indicator of where they're heading. If it's anything like the quality of the GTA 4 mod then we should be in for a real visual treat.