Ubisoft has announced Rainbow Six: Siege will be launching worldwide on October 13th this year, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Rainbow Six Siege is a multiplayer-only shooter, pitting teams of real-world counter-terrorist organisations against one another in fierce close-quarters battles.

A brand new trailer has been sent along in celebration of the release date announcement, taking a look at some of the unique tools and gadgets available for the cast of 20 special forces operators.

Players will have access to to all sorts of equipment for the siege-based gameplay, in which one team must hold a location while the other attempts to breach it. Environments can be transformed with defenses and traps, before matches are played in three-minute bursts.

In typical Ubisoft fashion there’ll be a total of four different versions of Rainbow Six: Siege, including a standard copy, the Gold Edition which comes with the Season Pass, the Art of Siege Edition which comes in a collector’s box with a tactical guide and gold weapon skins, and the Tactical Elite Edition, containing the Art of Siege and the Season Pass.

This is actually the first we’d heard of a Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass, but we guess it’s to be expected by now. Hopefully it’s not maps but we’re not holding our breath for anything.

Will you be picking up Rainbow Six Siege come October 13th? Which version will you be grabbing?