Over the past few weeks there’s been a lot of talk of a visual downgrade for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and it’s hard to argue it doesn’t look quite as fantastic as it did during its E3 2013 showing. We’ve seen this before, and we’ll no-doubt see it again, but a member of the CD Projekt RED team doesn’t reckon it’ll be long until this isn’t an issue on PC.

Quest Designer Philipp Weber talked about the possibilities of PC modding, revealing users will be able to use the RedKit modding tools for more demanding visuals, or edit The Witcher 3’s XML and INI files to tweak various settings and graphics options.

The day one patch for The Witcher 3 gives a boost to AI population density, but Weber reckons we’ll be able to go one step further with a bit of tweaking, claiming "you can actually change a whole lot in that regard." Everything from density to weather patterns can be altered in the settings files, and the right combination can bring appearances more in line with its original showing.

There’s a sharpening filter at work that’s toggleable in The Witcher 3’s system settings, but its strength has been toned down considerably. Weber reckons its original settings to preview videos was too strong, saying “Sharpening only looks good on screenshots and short videos. If you stare at the game like that for a long time, the eyes really start to hurt.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is out now, and it’ll certainly be interesting to see the various graphics mods coming its way. Despite the downgrade it still looks incredible, but with a few nips and tucks The Witcher 3 on PC could go to a whole new level.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PC Graphics Options And Post Processing Settings

Keep an eye out for benchmark videos today, and Stuart's busy ploughing through this huge adventure in preparation for a review!