Just a quick update here, but Electronic Arts’ technical director on Frostbite, Johan Andersson, has tweeted out an image of what very much looks to be the next flagship AMD graphics card - the AMD Radeon R9 390X.

While it’s by no means concrete info, it certainly looks like the leaked renders we saw a few weeks ago, indicating that those were very much the real deal. Andersson tweeted out the image, alongside the message “This new island is one seriously impressive and sweet GPU. wow & thanks @AMDRadeon ! They will be put to good use :)”, alluding to the Pirate Island GPUs.

Not much to go on, just yet, but it's great to get a sneaky peek at what's coming. If these are getting into the hands of developers already then we really can't be far away from a proper unveiling. 

Big thanks to Twitter user @williamovermars for alerting us to the image!