Telltale Signs Up Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead And More To GOG DRM-Free Service

Written by Neil Soutter on Thu, May 28, 2015 10:15 AM
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Telltale Games has become the latest studio to sign up for GOG’s burgeoning DRM-free service. The episodic game publisher is dipping its feet in the water with its Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series, which is available now on the site and playable through the new GOG Galaxy Client.

While Telltale’s presence is kicking off with the current Game of Thrones series, which has just seen its fourth episode launched, it will be joined by the likes of Tales from the Borderlands, The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us soon.

Thanks to GOG Galaxy, we’re able to bring in major new titles, and the award-winning Telltale series are a prime example of that”, said Guillaume Rambourg, Managing Director at “Gamers finally get to enjoy the engaging, story-driven adventures DRM-free: anywhere and at any time – but also benefit from achievements and other optional GOG Galaxy features if they want to. It’s the freedom of choice that is all about.

While some of Telltale’s older titles are already available on the DRM-free service, the move marks the first time a current series has begun arriving day and date with other stores. GOG definitely appears to be on the up right now, with it looking increasingly likely we’ve got a serious Steam competitor on our hands.

Is GOG becoming an increasingly viable alternative to Steam? what do you make of GOG Galaxy? 

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admin approved badge
11:23 May-29-2015

a war is arising, Steam vs GOG, who will win? :)
I'm on GOG's side, it just makes things simple rather then all the DRM security that Steam provides that sometimes blocks me from playing a game :)

20:21 May-28-2015

I like GOG but it's a bit weird that you have to go into the configure menu to enable the DLC.

admin badge
14:02 May-28-2015

Finally the DRM-free future we deserve

admin approved badge
10:50 May-28-2015

GOG >> Steam

If availeble for similair price

senior admin badge
10:46 May-28-2015

Steam fall initiated xD


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