Trine is a beautiful piece of gaming and this patch shows it is still well maintained by its developers. Here are a list of details offered in the patch

* tweaks the last level, now much easier on Easy/Medium/Hard

* adds save support for selected controller type

* adds log support for PhysX errors

* adds several small technical optimizations

* fixes audio that was not stopped when skipping the end cinematic

* fixes thin horizontal bar visible during videos on some resolutions

* fixes break effect for objects in the last level

* fixes two broken checkpoints in levels (4th in Shadowthorn Thicket and 10th in Iron Forge)

* fixes some wall collisions in Iron Forge

* fixes camera bug when restarting level during a cutscene

* fixes bug regarding levers

* fixes bug where enemy item drops are considered secrets

* fixes Credits section names

Download the patch here